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Nathan Jones, Artist
Creator of United States Postage Stamp of Dr. Charles R. Drew

Nathan Jones is a graduate of The University of Texas. He engaged in a broad curriculum of study at several educational institutions, including Texas Southern University, University of Dallas, The Columbus College of Art and Design, El Centro College, and Richland College.  Jones completed more than ten, and one half (10½)  years of study collectively at these institutions.  

Painting With A Pencil. This extraordinary technique developed by Nathan Jones transforms fine gradiant tones of graphite into an appearance of liquid paint. However, to say that it is unique is merely an understatement.  Nathan Jones has created a style, and method never before realized in the history of art.  Endless hours of intensive experimentation were demanded to realize this technique that achieves the rich texture, and depth of value by use of black and white, and harmony through continuous values opposed to tone.  This unique feature of his style, Painting With A Pencil, enhances the deep emotional realism of his work.  His subject matter reflects the love and empathy he has for the youth, and aged of America.  His sensititvity is grounded in the sub-soil of human experience, and the very sustenance of our daily lives.  He has captured the most private moments in an intimate manner that records with fidelity, detail in our triumphs,  tragedies, our laughter, and bitter tears.  His work embodies the essence of experience previously lost from memory.

As an artist, Nathan Jones has been widely recognized for an outstanding degree of excellence in his work.  He recently was selected as one of the finalists in the American Artists Annual Competition in New York.  He was selected as one of the top twenty (20) artists from more than 5,000 other submitting artists.  He has also been chosen as one of the top thirteen (13) artists in America today sharing this coveted honor with Norman Rockwell.  The award was part of the Artists of America 74 Exhibit at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  Several academic honors have been directed toward this artist.  The University of Texas, from which he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, bestowed The First Outstanding Alumnus Award of the School of Fine Arts upon Nathan Jones. He is also the youngest, and the first in the field of fine arts to receive this award.  In addition to these honors, he was awarded a one year scholarship from the Columbus College of Art and Design in a national competition “to honor excellence, and promise in the field of fine art.”

His first museum show was at the Midland Museum of Fine Arts in January 1975, and as early as 1960, his works were exhibited at The Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Most recently Mr. Jones’ works have been involved in three separate shows, and exhibition in the New York area alone.  Circle Gallery and The Randall Gallery have exhibited his work during the winter and spring seasons.  In October of 1977 Mr. Jones had a private collectors’ exhibit in the New York area which was followed by a public opening.
Nathan Jones is truly a master artist; from his Paintings with a Pencil, exquisite watercolors, magnificent limited editions, hand colored original lithograhs, and his superbly created oil paintings, there is little in the field of fine art that this  artist of the people cannot create.  We welcome you to a collection of his master works.


  NATHAN JONES, MASTER ARTIST, AND CORPORATE AMERICA "The buffalo Soldiers Book"/ Cover                              Designed By Jones/ Publisher, UniversityOf Ok Of  Oklahoma Press
The Jones Studio Gallery was designed, and built by Jones to market his fine art , and  ancillary products exclusively.  Jones a world renowned master artist, as well as a professional business marketeer having the ability, and tenacity to manifest profitability in Business Administration. Jones as a marketing entrepreneur has spent countless hours developing a creative marketing program to canvass retail, wholesales, and direct sales for product distribution. Jones has had thirty eight (38) years of experience in manufacturing production, distribution, and marketing which included fine art, patents, and real-estate.
Architectural Building Construction was included in the academic subjects studied by Jones while at The University of Texas. He has spent several years in the field of architecture dedicating five (5) years to residential home construction, where he designed, produced renditions, built homes, as well as built a Medical Facility, a Day Care Center, and limited structural renovations.  Jones as Chief Executive Officer built, managed, and marketed custom homes for NJK Properties, Inc.  NJKP a realestate corporation that was created, and master minded by Jones.

The Fitzhugh Apartment complex was purchased, and managed by Jones for approximately six (6) years prior to liquidation.  Jones/CEO, owner, and sole operating officer produced a phenomenal neighborhood facility environmentally conducive to society.

MultiGolf Systems International of Texas, LP was founded, structured, and developed by Mr. Jones who over sees operations and management. Jones has individually raised approximately one million dollars ($1,000,000) to capitalize the company.  This Limited Partnership Corporation was created for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing new innovative golf products.  The dominant purpose is to formulate a method for cleaning golf equipment while the game is in progress.


• Creator of 1981 Commemorative U.S.
  Postage Stamp of  Dr. Charles Drew
• Creator of 1981-82 Southwestern Bell
  Telephone Directory Cover/ Publication

  5,800,000 Book
• Bronze Jubilee Award, WETV, Atlanta,
• Texas Ranger Hall of Fame – Awarded
  Jones a Life Membership
• Advertising Artists Association of
  Dallas / Award
• Galaxy of Stars Achievement Award,
  Dallas Independent School District
• The University of Texas – First Outstand-
  ing Alumnus Award
• National Society of Interior Designers
• In a National Competition – the Columbus
  College of Art and Design Award
• The State Fair of Texas First and Second
  Place Awards
• Coca-Cola Bottling Company-a Nationwide
  Competition Award
• In the 10th Statewide Annual Art Show
  Sponsored by “Temple Emanu-El
  Brotherhood” – First Place Award
• Mrs. Paul’s Kitchens, Inc. – National Art
  Committee Selected Nathan Jones as One of
  the Thirteen Outstanding Contemporary Artists
  of America  
• The Southwestern Watercolor Society Award







Lyndon B. Johnson – U.S. President
• Ronald Reagan – U.S. President
• Joe Greene – All Pro Football Player
• Bill Cosby – Actor and Comedian
• Raymond St. Jacques-Actor and Producer
• J. H. Fleisher – Art Collector
• Gladys Knight and The Pips-Entertainers
• Calvin Hill – All Pro Football Player
• Mrs. Pauls, Inc. – Intl. Food Distributor
• Hill Feinberg – Art Collector
• Ronald E. Barnes – Art Collector
• Greg Morris – Actor and Producer
• Ella Fitzgerald – Singer and Actor
• Charlie Pride – Country Western Singer
• Stuart Frank – Art Collector
• Lynn Swann – Pittsburgh Steelers
• Benny Barnes – Dallas Cowboy
• W.  P. Newland – Mega Corp. President
• Robert M. Campbell – Supreme Court Justice
• Warner-Amex. Cable Broadcasting
• University of Texas – Museum
• Longview Museum and Art Center
• Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee
• The Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.
• Midland Museum of Fine Art
• UCLA Center for Afro-American Studies
• Federal Reserve Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio
• Dallas Public Library
• Museum of Afro-American Art, Santa Monica,  CA.     
• Plains Museum, Canyon, Texas
• W. A. G. Museum, Long Island, New York
• North Texas State University
• Dallas Museum of Fine Art

Nathan Jones, Master Artist

Artwork By: Nathan Jones, Master Artist

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